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Dynamos for 8-11 year old girls


Ideal introduction for girls new to the sport


Dynamos Cricket provides a fantastic next step for all those graduating from All Stars Cricket and the perfect introduction for all 8-11 year-olds new to the sport!

The fun starts in Hylands Park at 0930 on 11th May 2024.

  • Complementing junior cricket, Dynamos provides children with a more social offer focused on developing fundamental movement skills and applying them in an exciting game of countdown cricket.

  • We know how important it is to look like the heroes of the game, so every child who registers will receive their very own Dynamos Cricket New Balance t-shirt, personalised with their name and number.

  • The Dynamos Cricket app, designed both for those who have never played cricket before, and those looking to build on what they already know, is packed full of amazing features for all children aged 8+ to enjoy. The skills videos and interactive quizzes provide lots of ways for children to get active – even with minimal space and equipment. Download for free now!

Girls 11+

Emphasis on fun and enjoyment

For older girls (11+) who are also interesting in playing cricket we run gilrls only sessions in both the Summer and Winter. 

In the Summer these run alongside our Dynamos Programme on Saturday Mornings. In the Winter they are also on Saturday Mornings starting on 13th January 2024 at Campion School from 10:00 - 11:30.

Please see image to the right for more info.

The coaching  sessions for girls are led by fully qualified ECB Coaches and supported by a number of male and female ECB Coach Support Workers.  We are hoping to recruit a female member to the coaching team in the near future.

Coaching is very rewarding so if you would like to get involved you can read more here about how you can do so.

Girls Winter Training 2024


Coaching and equipment

No equipment required


For both Dynamos and other girls sessions no equipment is required. 


At the younger ages, girls will normally use an Incrediball (a soft version of a cricket ball) so no protective equipment is required. The club will provide bats, stumps and balls for the girls to use.  So the good news is there is no need to spend lots of money on equipment. 

At coaching sessions girls should wear layers for variable weather and bring a drink of water.

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